Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)

GTF Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Center of Excellence (COE) establishes an integrated process-driven methodology designed for successful implementations, upgrades and maintenance. Our proven practices provides our clients with improved business process efficiencies and enforces standardization by minimizing customizations to reduce implementation and operational costs. Our ERP practice contains cross-functional teams of subject matter experts with business processes, technical developers, solution architects, quality management resources, change management and training teams with experience supporting Federal, State & Local and Commercial clients. Our ERP capabilities include Oracle Federal Financials, Oracle Financials, PRISM, PeopleSoft and Hyperion applications support.

The GTF leadership of industry experts drive cross-functional integration and create a unique culture to attract top high-performance talent. We maximize the synergies between our clients and team to provide transparency, accuracy and commitment to reach strategic objectives.

Business Process Re-engineering

To support Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR), GTF has developed a proprietary tool called FedPrint. This unique BPR tool is a one stop shop to capture end-to-end business processes, policies, procedures, manuals, guides, training documents and links to relevant source information. Our team combines Six Sigma, Business Process Management (BPM) tools with FedPrint to identify logical methods for assessing process inefficiencies, identifying gaps, implementing improvements and optimizing performance. BPR efforts take a holistic view of current and future state to consider the people, policy and technology impacts to address operational challenges and achieve strategic goals. GTF offers distinct, yet complementary, tailored services and advisory support to holistically improve the overall business operations.

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Robotic Process Automation

GTF’s internal Innovation Lab embraced Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as an affordable solution for organizations to overcome repetitive, time-consuming and mundane activities. RPA is now the common thread for organizations who want employees to focus more on value-added tasks to compete in the digital landscape. Our RPA processes involve multiple iterative phases from the Proof of Concept (PoC), Pilot, and implementation. After multiple rounds of validations, the automated solutions are implemented to minimize human intervention, eliminate redundancy and improve overall efficiency

RPA Robotic Operations Center (COE)
Our team of experts will guide organizations in defining the right COE operating models (centric, federated or hybrid) based on the organization structure to ensure RPA is efficient across the organization. The RPA COE provides various services such as Pipeline Management, Process Discovery, Configurations and ongoing maintenance and support. The GTF team will help in defining Governance, security standards, credentialing for Robots, Frameworks, Access controls and management, SDLC methodologies, Define Roles and responsibilities, any new components, and integrations etc.

RPA Insights
Robust reporting ensures that an organization does not spend extra hours collecting data and preparing updated reports. We help organization achieve transparency by integrating reporting into the execution of the daily activities. Consistent reporting provides solid data and metrics to track and improve performance. These details confirm whether your goals are met and success is achieved. Building defensible ROI takes time but does not have to be hard.

RPA + AI = Intelligent Automation Capabilities
Our team of AI experts will combine the benefits of RPA with cognitive technologies to enable hyperautomation as you scale through your automation journey. RPA + AI will enable your automations to include intelligent document understanding, natural language processing, visual understanding, decision making, analytics, and predictive problem-solving to maximize the operational efficiency across your enterprise.

Our Key Focus areas include:
  • Intelligent Transformation Strategy
  • Enabling RPA + AI
  • AI Technology integration
  • Governance and Reporting

Center of Excellence for DevOps

GTF’s DevOps COE aims at merging development, quality assurance, and operations (deployment and integration) into a cohesive coordinated set of processes. This methodology is a natural extension of Agile, ITSM, and ITIL principles with continuous delivery approaches. GTF standardizes DevOps activities comprising of planning, development, testing, deployment, release, and monitoring to achieve the desired performance metrics.

Center of Excellence For Quality Assurance

GTF’s Quality Assurance experts derive from a multitude of disciplines resulting from years of hands on industry experience. GTF provide our clients with industry best practices utilizing the latest tools so that we provide the highest value and ROI. Our QA COE focuses on maximizing quality assurance, quality control measures and practices to maximize satisfaction with software development deliveries. We understand that better quality minimizes delivery time and lower costs of operations, thus resulting in direct benefits to our clients. Our QA practices are tailored to project objectives, specialization of testing techniques, and alignment to technologies and business practices.


GTF provides end-user training to support our solution implementations through live classroom demonstrations, training materials, job aids, and user manuals. Experienced subject-matter experts tailor the curriculums to meet the needs of our user community. Our training methodology allows the user to listen to the instructor, look at the application and learn the application with real time examples of navigation and functionality. We also provide periodic "refresher" training courses to users enhance their knowledge of the application to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

An experienced subject-matter expert tailors the curriculum to meet the needs of users and conducts the training. Our training methodology allows the user to listen to the instructor, look at the application and learn the application with real time examples of navigation and functionality. We also provide periodic "refresher" training courses to the users based on the need as it enhances their knowledge of the application and it also builds confidence in efficiently using the application, thus saving costs, and minimizing human errors while entering transactions.


Financial Management and Accounting Services

GTF consistently stays abreast of financial policies, standards, and changes to financial and accounting operations in the federal government. Our core financial and accounting services range from basic accounting operations such as funds control to comprehensive financial reporting and financial statement preparation.

Financial statement preparation
GTF is ever vigilant in monitoring, identifying evolving issues, new requirements and is positioned to provide comprehensive support to federal agencies in Federal financial statement preparation and accountability. Our inhouse accountants and financial managers are experienced in implementing - OMB, Treasury, and agency-specific accounting and financial reporting guidance.
GTF’s approach is simple yet profound: to be actively involved with our clients at every level and by assisting agencies with creating timely and accurate financial statements.

Accounting Reconciliation
Accounting reconciliation includes the creation of accounting codes and related cross validation rules, as well as monthly reconciliations of certain general ledger accounts to detailed records or external sources. At GTF, we support clients to automate the cash reconciliation process, troubleshoot outages, streamline document storage, simplify accounts payables and receivables by aligning each of the processes with federal standards. In addition, GTF emphasizes consistent and timely account reconciliation to be successful, as reconciling not only flags any discrepancies, but also provides with critical data for key decision-making.

Treasury Reporting
GTF’s goal is to achieve organization-wide accountability with clean and transparent reporting by consistently applying accounting rules across all financial transactions. Our expert General Ledger Reporting services includes the preparation of financial reports for both internal and external use such as financial reporting to Treasury, OMB, GTAS, DATA Act, CFRS & CFRS, financial statements and footnotes.